Bridal Wedges

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22.8 cm 36 3
23.5 cm 37 4
24.2 cm 38 5
24.8 cm 39 6
25.4 cm 40 7
26.2 cm 41 8

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Quirky bridal wedges are a comfortable and stylish choice for brides who want to look their best on their wedding day without sacrificing comfort. Our wedge heel provides stability, extra height, and support, making them an excellent choice for outdoor or grassy venues for extended periods. Our in-house team will help you to customize the color and text, so that it complements your bridal attire by adding some decorative elements such as crystals, pearls, or lace to your wedges.

USP for our Slider:

-       Comfortable for the long day

-       Can match your outfit

-       Text Customization can be as per your personality.

-       Can add extra height for those long attire.


-       Just swipe the sliders with a damp cloth to remove the dirt

-       After cleaning your bridal sliders, allow them to air dry in a cool, dry place.

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