Discover The Quirky Naari – a brand that create extraordinary tales of style and self-expression. Our designs celebrate the spirit of individuality and adventure. Each pair tells a story, whether it’s through bold, avant-garde designs or the subtle charm of hand-painted arts. At The Quirky Naari, we blend creativity with fashion to create shoes that aren't just worn but experienced. Dive into our world, where every step is a statement and every design echoes your uniqueness. Welcome to the fusion of creativity, quality, and flair.



Wore your shoes the "Tigressa Sneakers" in Paris !!Feeling great and it's an awesome product .Thank you, loved them ☺️

Sudha Mahapatro

Hey Team TYSM for the product and hope the bride will be happy for the lightup sneakers and yes i am happy to perform in that And tysm for considering my request and delivering early as possible🥹❤️


Thank you so much Team The Quirky Naari ☺️ I am very satisfied with what I ordered, honestly. Couldn’t have done it any better.
Keep growing yall🤍


Got the led shoes. Loved it. Thank you so much😍 So quick delivery. Ordered on 9th received on 12th. Thank you guys

Subhasree Sindhu

Hello! Thank you so so much for sending the shoes on time. They were a HUGE hit!! Loved them, Literally looked so cool and made my bday really special💫❤️

Devanshi Kasabwala

Thanks for making them on such urgent basis ! Loved the sneaker & the quality can’t wait to order more❤️

Gunguna Chopra

Thank u for the lovely shoes...Wore it in Tomorrow Land... It was super comfortable and cool. I literally wore for 3 days and on an average 32000 steps daily...Will definitely shop again 👍

Moni Patni Jain

Hey received the parcel. It's damn good. Just love it. Will be gifting it to my niece. Thanks for being an amazing gifting partner 😊

Shikha Agarwal

Thanks The quirky naari team😊 She loved my surprise, these floral sneakers is something which matches her vibe, thank you so much.

Dheeraj Kumar