Zing Sneakers - The Quirky Naari
Zing Sneakers - The Quirky Naari

Zing Sneakers

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Size chart
22.8 cm 36 3
23.5 cm 37 4
24.2 cm 38 5
24.8 cm 39 6
25.4 cm 40 7
26.2 cm 41 8

Let your feet do the Zingin'! These one-of-a-kind Zing Bridal Sneakers are perfect for the unconventional bride who's ready to dance the night away! With bridal-inspired sparkles and a wild edge, you'll be setting trends and making memories. Step zingfully into your big day!

USP for our Sneaker:

-       Comfortable fit and support for your feet.

-       Quirkiness to your attire

-       Double cushioned Insole

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